Weather Information for Obsidian

See the original blog post if you want to learn about Obsidian in general.

By far the most requested feature for Obsidian, my watch face for the Pebble smartwatch, was to add weather information. Over the last few days, I've implemented this feature. It's fully configurable and the weather information moves out of the way of watch hands so that it is never obstructed.

Here are a few screenshots of what the weather information looks like on the Pebble Time

Weather information

and on the Pebble Time Round

Weather information

The source of the weather information can be configured to be or, the temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the color can be fully customized. By default Obsidian will display the current weather conditions, but this can be changed to today's conditions. One interesting feature that I haven't seen in other watch faces is that Obsidian allows for a mix between current conditions and today's weather in the following way: In the first part of the day, Obsidian will display today's weather, and then at 2pm it will switch to the current conditions. That allows the user to get a sense of today's weather in the morning with the day's maximum temperature (e.g., to decide what to wear), and then around the time of the highest temperature, the watch will switch to current conditions as today's high is no longer useful information. Finally, weather information is displayed for the current location by default, but it is possible to set a fixed location.

I have borrowed some of the fonts from Minimalin, another great watch face for the Pebble. Thanks to the people behind Minimalin for making everything available. The latest version of Obsidian can be downloaded here:

Furthermore, Obsidian is also source, and you can check it out at

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